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91 or 92...?


Henri 79

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum but not new to Vettes & Internet (>5 years VetteNet member).
I own a '79 L48 automatic also for five years which I sold last week. The new owner is a young guy who is in love with my Vette for a long time and as he doesn't have all the money yet, we've agreed he actually buys my vette in sept 2002. I don't have a problem with that.
Now I want a '91 or '92 6-speed conv or coupe and since I live in the Netherlands these cars are really hard to find. Plenty of automatics, but 6-speed...

I do have a few questions I hope you guys can answer for me:
Going through the mailorder catalogs I often see parts for '85-'89 advertized. What happened to the L98 engine in '90 so that a lot of parts are specific for '90/'91?
Is the '92 preferred above the '91 (LT1 vs L98)? I do prefer these options, but mostly because of the quicker steering ratio and the big brakes.
Should I invest time in finding an FX3 or Z07 car?
Are there any specific problem areas to check when looking for a C4 in these two years (91 or 92)? I know everyting about '79's now, but not much about the C4's.

I hope you guys can answer my questions! Thanks!

Henri Kroeze
'79 L48 red metallic
the Netherlands

Welcome to CACC. There is a great group of people here that you will enjoy over the coming months and years.

Okay, 85-89 used Mass Air Flow systems on the L98 (tuned port injection) motor. In 90 and 91 they went with a speed density program which means basically no Mass Air Flow. Personally, I feel (seat of the pants) that the 89 had the best throttle response and would react better to mods and such than our 90. Mass Air Flow came back in the LT1 engines, and remains to this date. Most aftermarket fuel injection systems are speed density as they are a more simple system, but require accurate programming in the fuel and ignition mapping to run crisp and strong like a MAF system.

The 90 model is kind of strange. It has the same basic body a the 84 design, but the smooth wrap around interior. The 91 has the same basic hardware as the 90, but the soft tail rear bumper and smooth body trim and redisgned panels like you would find on a 92. Of course, by 92 they had the LT1 engine.

In my experience, the L98 will do circles around the LT1 from here to the mail box. After that, the better breathing characteristics and flow of the heads and cam etc. take over and the long legs of the LT1 really get moving. In automatic cars, the L98 will feel much stronger from take off. In the six speed, the LT1 wins everywhere since you can control the RPM that you launch with.

The prices are so close 91 to 92 that I would look more at the 92. Every year, and especially 95/96 they made numerous improvements.

In the end it is up to you and your budget.

Hope I helped,


There are no plans to upgrade the 'to be bought' Vette. I want to keep it stock.

Which engine do I want: I don't know!!! Do I really want an LT1? Don't know!
I want to win at the traffic lights as well as outrun those boring german TDI's at the 'autobahn'. Most german cars are limited at 250 km/h (~156 mph). I want to be able to go faster. Just a little. To upset them.

Is the LT1 more expensive to maintain than an L98? Due to the synthetic oil, or are there other 'expensive' parts? I know about the Opticrap, er, spark. Other weak/expensive parts?
Here in the Netherlands owning & maintaining a Corvette is quite an adventure, so cost IS a factor I have to take in account!!!

The '91/'92 question is mainly due to the 'new' body style. My next Vette has to have a new body. And the new interior, but that is automatically part of it.

Ok, more thoughts? Let em come!

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Henri 79!

I have nothing new to offer at this point, I just wanted to welcome you and wish you the best with your plans for the Corvette. :upthumbs

You need to get the 92 with the LT1 if you want to cruise in excess of 156 mph. The L98 is all done by then.

I suggest a six speed 92. Check out the Specifications that Rob put at the top of the C4 technical discussion. It will give you more details on the gear ratios available in 92.

Other than the Opti Spark, and more expensive Mass Air Flow, and more expensive water pump, there are not many other $$$$ difference in repairs between the LT1 and L98.

Good luck.


p.s., Have you considered paying a little more and going for a ZR1? I don't know what it would cost to ship one to you, but if you want to be the ultimate highway master take a closer look at those. The prices are very reasonable now, and I hear it is a buyer's market.
Hello Chris,

Two of my friends have a ZR1, one has a '90, the other a '93. The amount of money they've already invested in these cars is unbelievable. There is only one shop in Europe that is capable of working on a ZR1 (Geoff Jeal in England).
Both have been there, de '90 even several times...
If I hear those prices, it scares me !!! Yikes!

No, I'd prefer to stay with the more common L98/LT1 engines...

But the Z's are awesome rides!!!
Ok, another item to consider....Traction Control. It was introduced in 92. (yes, there is an override/off switch on the dash) And, she well see the 156 you want to hit.

Also, the Convertibles can be fitted with a factory auxilary hard top. A nice touch for places that actually have seasons.


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