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93 door locks not working. Wiring diagram needed


Dec 8, 2015
1993 Anniversary edition, Red
I'm working on a 1993 40th Anniversary edition which I just brought home yesterday. The power door locks actuators were working on both sides until today. The first thing I checked was the 20 amp fuse for the door locks. That was good! I then removed the door panel on the passenger side to check the switch and wiring. I found nothing obvious. I also checked the driver side and found it wasn't working either. My problem seems to be that I've lost the 12 volt feed to the passenger side door lock? Which I've think I remember reading someplace is supposed to be the main side. Meaning if the passenger side lost it's feed, the driver side won't have 12 volts either? Although I'm not positive about this?

I am asking for help in locating some information showing me which pin on the door lock switch is the 12 volt feed, which pin is the ground, and which pins are lock and unlock? And from where does the ground and 12 volt feed originate? Does the 12 volt feed run from the fuse panel through the boot on the door and into the door lock switch? What throws me off is not knowing which of the five pins on the power lock switch does what? I'm thinking the tan wire is the unlock, and the gray wire is the lock?

If you can shed some light on this for me I'd greatly appreciate any help! I'm in the process of locating and purchasing a chassis wiring diagram for future use. I'd like to find this snafu and fix it before I get this manual.

Thanks for any help!

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