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93 LT1 Top speed


North 40

Aside from so many variables, what can one expect from a stock LT1?

John :_rock
I searched for a while on this one Jay, but could find anything specific to 1993 yet. I know that the '87 was supposed to be about 154 top speed if I remember correctly.

_ken :w
If it's any help, the LT4's top speed is supposed to be about 171. Though I know of a lightly modded GS that has broken 180...:)

I would hazard a guess that the LT1 is good for somewere in the low 160's?

For some reason 168 comes to mind, but I don't recall where I may have seen this. Seems like low to mid 160's would be accurate.
Hey Gang,
Thanks for all the feedback.
Looks like it's low to mid 160's.
Don't know if I'll ever get it there...
Years ago I had a '69 GTX 440, and had it up to 145. What a rush!!!

John :beer
North 40 said:
Years ago I had a '69 GTX 440, and had it up to 145. What a rush!!!

:L I'll bet! It's gotta be a rush to go that fast in a "brick". Aerodynamic they were not! :L

_ken :w
my 95 will do 158......been there, done that, didn't get a shirt. Was done at an abandoned airfield....2.0 mile runway....nice and straight.

I took my 85 Vette to 145. It was an automatic, 3.08 gears, and a modified long block with stock intake and injectors.

At 145 the transmission was freaking out. If I floored it it would down shift to third and top speed would drop. So, I had to floor it, then ease off a tad to get it to go back to overdrive and feather it down little by little. This could have had everything to do with the detent adjustment.

In any event, at 145 I thought the car was going to break apart. I swear the side windows were peeling away from the top of the car. I felt like I was floating, and the wind sound was in competition with the high revs of the engine.

I was tapped at that speed. I read that a 85 model with the 2.7 something gears was capable of 155.

No, I did not do it in a safe area. More like a narrow two lane road in the county where deer, dogs, and cows had a tendency to walk out on the road.
I wasn't gonna mention my highest speed acheived in the Vette because it was only a buck-and-a-quarter, but it was steady as a rock and was asking for more. However, this was on a road between Riverside and Bakersfield and I really didn't feel like stopping for a ticket. ;)

_ken :w

BTW, this was before any modifications were made to my Corvette; it still had the 3.07s in the rear and the DN o/d wasn't giving me any problems at that point.
I've been told mid-160s. I've heard 164 and 168 mentioned. I was also told that about 140 the ass end gets light because the car really needs a spolier.

Well I tried that theory out. On a new section of interstate before it was opened to the public. This was with my auto trans in Drive with the 2.59 gears. I got to somewhere around 5400 rpms before i had to let go. I was going about 150.

The noise from the engine and the air rushing by the car is intense! I didn't feel the ass end lighten up. Control felt good. But then again I kept it pointed in a straight line too...

Now I can say I've done 150. I've checked off another box in the long list of todo items. I don't really need to do it again.

Origilally posted by vms4evr
Now I can say I've done 150. I've checked off another box in the long list of todo items. I don't really need to do it again.


So far the fastest I've been in Eye Candy is 135. The first time I had to prove to a '95 Z28 that I really was faster than any Mustang:)(he saw my licesne plate frame:D). She was a little unsteady, but thats because the road left a lot to be desired.

The second time was this last summer, down by my parents house. I had a nice long strech of Hw 4 that was empty. No problems making 135, and she was solid as a rock. She seemed kind of disapointed I didnt push it even more...

I always enjoy the guys (and gals too!) in their imports asking me how fast I've been in her, I tell them 135. They scoff and tell me they've done that in there Miata. To which I reply, yeah, but you top out at 135 right? I just barely scratched the surface of how fast my car will go.:D

I've been there...I get that question alot at work. How fast will it go, how fast have you gone...blah blah blah.
I just smile and tell them I haven't had it over 105 yet...still getting used to having a car capable of being a bullet on wheels, and the car doesn't have anything to prove so why should I.
I have read 163 mph for a LT-1 coupe but the tranny or gears were not mentioned.

It's best not to try this. It's too dangerous.

I am told that my 92 has been up to 145 mph and that with it's A-4 and 3.07 gearing that it was accelerating fast and it had a lot more before toping out. It's nice to know that and not have to do it.

I was also told that to get up there to keep it in D until it nears the redline as the tranny will shift into OD before the redline and acceleration will slow. This I am told is a good policy for racing also up to that speed which is 135 mph for this car.

Just use 163 mph. I am happy with that number and it will vary anyway with weather conditions and tune.
When my 93 ZO7 was about a month old I had it at 140 on the cruise control, A/C on, CD playing Beach Boys Endless Summer, 6Spd with the 3:45 rear end was 3350 RPM on the Tach in 6th gear.
Then slowed to 125, this was on I-65 between Montgomery and Birmingham, trip took 43 minutes, just over 90 miles.
Like a rock.... But never took it that high again, just had to do it once tho.
If I remember correctly the top speed was supposed to be 163 +- had to be achieved in 5th gear, and was limited by the fuel cutoff at 5580 RPM, 6th is too tall for only 300 HP to overcome the wind resistance.

Oh, by the way for those BMW guys who tout fuel mileage, the fuel computer was indicating 21MPG at 140, 23.4 MPG at 125.
At 75 it was getting 35.6 MPG.

nyernga said:
of course NOW, when Chris takes out the 90, speed is measured as a "warp factor#:cool

question is.........where does scotty sit?


:L :L

scotty, we don't need no stinkin scotty, just a longer road!
OK... I jump in here.

150 mph with the top down and head lights (air brakes) on, outside Denver on I-25. Oddly enough, the wind does not seem to be any worse than normal freeway speeds. Its a rush to go that fast with the breeze in your hair.

151 mph with the top up. Montana on I-90
Both times I ran out of road before I ran out of acceleration.
"the telephone poles looked like a picket fence;
the lines on the road just look like dots;
feel the tension-man what a ride!"
On Sat in my '96 LT1 I hit 103mph during a pass and had a few revs left then noticed that I still had the auto in 3rd; oops.
Overdrive would have put me over 150, but there is no where around here that I'd go that fast.
It was exciting, but I'm not sure that the fright was worth it. :)
Top End!!!!! "THE THRILL"

Many thanks for all the replys.......
One of these days I'll get out there and stuff IT!
As of lately, time has been an issue.
Fri. I'm doing the "Red Line" treatment, and a Corsa Exhaust. After that, I think the next issue will be a new chip. Any input, greatly appreciated. (sp?)


John :drink :dance

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