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'93 Odd Electrical Issue(s)


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Oct 9, 2017
BaltoWash MD
1993 40th Anniversary Coupe
I put my car back on the road last month and, lo! The tachometer was working again. I had been on-again off-again for some time, and for the last year inoperative for the most part. I've been meaning to find and check the ground on the firewall as I understand that's sometimes an issue. Anyway, I started the car on Sunday and it was inop. again.

But wait! Probably unrelated as it predates but there's a new issue with the interior lights flickering on and off while driving. This had come up a couple of years ago and I thought it was resolved by adjusting both and then replacing one of the door switches. I'm not sure this is the same issue however in that in this iteration, the door locks are cycling randomly as well. Is it possible the that aftermarket remotes starter is causing this?

The chime doesn't work when you open the doors but does if you leave the lights on and open the door.

Delayed action bus seems to work as advertised.


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