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94 Headlights


Apr 13, 2006
1971 BB Convertible
Both headlights on my 94 operate OK going up and down, but have a grinding/knocking sound for about 15-20 seconds, after they are in either position. The right headlight bulb was replaced about 5 years ago by a Chevy dealer, with an all glass bulb, when I was on a trip, and the right activator motor gears were first to start the grinding sound, but since then, the left motor gears - with the HP6054 plastic lens/vinyl body bulb - have started grinding. As the lights open and close OK, is this the 3 vinyl bushings going out, but are not out yet, as the lights open and close OK?

Any info on what this problem might be, and if the replacement of the bushings will resolve the problem, and how long the bushings will last with the heavy glass bulbs, is appreciated.

Thanks for any advice on this problem.

Replace the bushings and it will fix the problem. Glass or plastic lens won't make any noticeable difference in how long they last. They just go bad when they age.
Many thanks. Corvette Central also says they have been selling the Wagner H6054 bulb as the replacement for the HP6054 bulb for several years without any reported problems for actuator motor failure. Since the plastic/vinyl bulb has poor light intensity, I'm also going to swap out the original plastic/vinyl bulb for the driver's headlight.

Best regards
most people don't know that with age halogen bulbs lose intensity
. They should be replaced after a few yrs

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