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95 Cold Air Intake System



I was wondering if anyone has advise on a cold air intake system for a 95. I've been looking on the web and the only intakes I find are for C5's. Any help would be great.
You can check out the "Vortex Rammer" from breathless Performance products for $279 at http://www.breathlessperformance.com/images/C4_Vortex_Ram_Induction.8.jpg
and: http://www.breathlessperformance.com/images/C4_Vortex_Ram_Induction.5.jpg

I do not have this system, but am considering it. Looks like a good boost of COLD AIR coming into the motor. I've seen it installed on C4's and looks fairly simple to install.

There home page is at http://www.breathlessperformance.com

Does anybody out there have any experience with this system?

Also, Welcome to the CAC forum JimS

I've got the clear box on mine. Easy install. Make sure you have extra cutting discs for your dremel. I'm very happy with mine.
Thanks for the welcome and the advise. I just ordered it today. I'll try to get it installed within a few weeks. -Jim
I was also wondering if a mass air flow sensor is worth the money. I've seen a few for around $300. My budget is about 2-3k this year, and I'd like to buy exhaust (spring) & heads (end of summer).

Thanks -JimS

All I did was remove the screen from mine. That will improve air flow. Just be careful and don't touch the elements. This and the throttle body coolant bypass are the cheapest mods you can do.
I've got the SLP setup. They now call it Cold Air induction. It looks like a claw with three K&Ns. I like it. But the rammer style with built in cover look like a better idea. The K&N setup helped. Cutting the hole in the shroud helped even more. Now my factory exhaust has a deeper/louder tone.
And Whitey is right, get some extra cutting blades for the dremel. I was surprised how hard that stuff was to cut through...
I also made a filter out of screen that is nailed down over the hole to stop road debris and junk from sneaking up there.

vetsvette said:
All I did was remove the screen from mine. That will improve air flow. Just be careful and don't touch the elements. This and the throttle body coolant bypass are the cheapest mods you can do.

and the quickest mods to do. They don't take long at all.


It's hard to measure because the benefits don't really kick in until you are around 45mph. :gap
cold air intake

Does the cold air intake with the box, use a k&n air filter?
I want to upgrade to k&n on my stock 95 but wondering if the cold air intake is worth the 275. Could you notice a difference in mpg with the induction systems or is there no change? Do you feel it around 45pmh?

It uses a cleaner much like the conical K&N but it has more intake surface and is shaped for the vortex system. Same filter material and cleans and re-oils like the K&N. Hard to say if you can feel it. Whenever I put my foot into the LT4 it kind of assaults all your senses at once and there is too much going on to think about one thing. I'l be taking it to the dragstrip this spring and can give you a better answer. I only paid $225 for mine and am very happy with it. :Twist
We had a group puchase on the Corvette Forum when they announced the C4 Vortex was coming out. Give Larry a call at BPP. He's a good guy and might be able to do a little better than MAD or Ecklers.
What is the BPP?
Im new to the site?
thanks for the info
More air

Anything is better than the stock air system.

Had the Vortex, it was an improvement, but I replaced it with the SLP system, and sold my Vortex to a friend.

www.slponline.com Cold Air Induction Package part number 21028 for $240.

The "claw", 3 tubes with K&N filters. The best I've tried yet. The name of this game is "the most air possible, with the least restrictions".

I think this system is a "keeper". I think the only other alternative would be to take it all off and have the air go directly into the MAS.
Hey MikeLT4,
I've got the 'claw' too. I bought it when they were calling it the Triple Threat... Now it's the Cold Air Package... Either way it works great. Way big improvement from factory.
Want more air? Cut a hole in the shroud around them. I did and placed screen material over the hole. Now they get all the air they want. Even changed the tone of my exhaust...
Cold Air?

The "Triple Threat" W/ K&Ns looks great, but how does it seal off the hot air from under the hood? I agree you could/should cut a hole in the shroud, but it seems to me it would still be able to draw hot air from the underhood compartment. Is there something I'm missing in the Pics? I just stuck a K&N filter in my stock box the other day so I'm no expert.

Not sure if I understand the "shroud" part. Are you referring to that smooth flat piece of fiberglass that slopes from the top of the radiator down to the rear of the front bumper ???

If so, wouldn't that misdirect some of the airflow through the radiator ???

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