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97 White exterior/Red Interior

Jim Shoemaker

Active member
Sep 23, 2001
Manassas, VA, USA
1997 Arctic White Coupe Firethorn Red interior
I know that there were only 9752 Vettes made for the first C5 model year. 1341 were arctic white. 700+ had the firethorn red interior (I'm guessing most were white exteriors). Does anybody have info on the actual number of white exteriors with red interiors?

You're attempting to make the problem simple. Some colors are not suited for others, although some people choose to make the combinations anyway. White and red are very common, thus my statement that I believe most red interiors were mated with the white exterior. I'm just looking for anyone that may have prodution numbers related to my car. Thanks for your input, though. And I might add, that's a fine looking car.....I'm almost (repeat ALMOST) tempted to trade.


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