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99 Key FOB Issues - Help!


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Jun 22, 2009
1999 Pewter Conv.
CAC Members,

I'm having an issue that started with my FOB, initially my FOB stopped working so I programmed it holding the LOCK & UNLOCK buttons until the Horn sounds. Then I noticed that the car would lock & un-lock on it's own, so I changed the battery for the FOB and reprogrammed using the DIC. I t would work for awhile but then the FOB would stop working. I then went to my 2nd Key FOB, put a new battery in-it and programmed-it using the DIC, which was Wed. That seemed to do the trick, I used the FOB to lock and un-lock the car 4-5 times throughout the day so I'm thinking I had a bad FOB. Last night I went in the garage to see if the FOB was still O.K. and found my interior lights in the mirror ON! So I locked the car with the FOB and the lights went out and the FOB was still working. This morning I checked the car & it seemed O.K. the FOB was working and there were no other lights on inside the car. I just went in the garage at 1200 and the interior lights were on again...................................What the heck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!???????????????

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