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Programming Receiver /Steering lock Module


New member
Jun 17, 2022
2007 basic
Hi, I have a 2007 Corvette C6 that i purchaised from Japan. With the car i only get one Fob key. I have tried to find another Fob key but that Fob key is no longer available for purchaise .
I feel more comfortable having 2 Fob keys if lost or failing.
So the next step i did was to order the US RCDLR reciever and two US Fob keys.
My GM Workshop has programmed the new Fob Keys with the new Receiver and that was partly successfull. Doors will open and lock but engine will not start.
Fault codes Present: P1631 Theft detterent sys pwd incorrect
P2910 Steering column lock pwd incorrect
B2515 Steering column lock motor feedback circuit sclcm
I guess the new RCDDLR Receiver and the Steering control module do not interact with correct password leading to no engine start.
Since Local GM Shop has limited skills regarding issue they switched back to the old Receiver and did not solve my problem.
Please respond if suggestions
Best Reg

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