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99 wheel options



does anyone have pictures of the different wheel otions available on the 1999 convertables, or another way to differentiate... I'm looking at a 99 and not sure if they are magnisium or not, as a $3000 option I want to be sure.
Thank you,
Those look like the Magnesium wheels alright! Another thing you could do to ease your mind is to check the RPO codes on the car. The 'Sport Magnesium Wheels' were RPO N73 for that year.

(Granted the owner could have switched them, but if they look like the one's in Jay's picture and the car has RPO N73, I think it's safe to say that you're in luck!)

Thank you for the information, second question what is a 99 convertable,5k miles, w/every option less mag. wheels and HUD worth?
I'll take an educated guess and say it's worth about $40,000ish.

Do a bit of research and you should be able to find out. Maybe even go to http://www.autotrader.com and run a search on only 1999 corvettes in all areas and see what they're going for.

Hope this helps a little...


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