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A Mini Poll!!

Baby got a new pair of shoes...
If I'm following you then you are asking whether it looks better with the factory painted wheels or the new chrome 5 spokes you have on in the second picture ???
I think they both look good. But I'm partial to the factory wheels. Although if I have to replace mine I may go with the chrome plated version of the factory wheels.
Either way that is a nice looking ride !
It's a visual thing for me...

...I liked the first wheels. Those spokes just look too flimsy for the power your Vette contains. They are bright and shiny, though!

I like the new kicks. I see them on a lot of rice cars in my area, love the wheels but there's no car to go with them. You've got the car to make the wheels and tires.:cool
Thanks All

Paintshop does a great job.. I hadn't noticed the Pole till you mentioned it. LOL ... Looks better without it though!

I sure hope they're strong enough!! We like the ultra shiney look .. to us, it just pops your eye! The paint is shiney and now so too are the wheels.

Hope to see some of you at Limerick next weekend.

Thanks all for the feedback.
I like the first pic, but it would look better if you took a picture there, with the new rims (they look sharp).

I have a few cool shots of my Vette. Try laying down in front of the car. I had my camera about 2 inches off the ground. Took a picture of the full front end with one side visible. The picture came out great and gives the Vette a sleeker, low profile look. I have the picture on my home computer. I'll try to remember to post it when I get home tomorrow.
I found the picture I was talking about, on my laptop here at work. I'm attaching it.
Cool shot Tim!

:L I always feel so self-conscious when I try to do something like that. :eek:
I did it on a Saturday, in an empty parking lot.

I was just out for a drive and happened to find this industrial complex with some office buildings. Nobody saw me lying on the ground taking pictures of my Vette. :D
Gotta Do It!!

I do like that shot Tim.. I'm going to have to find the appropriate spot and lie down on my belly and shoot away!! lol :D :D

Sure hope no-one sees me! :eyerole :)
My advice, do it on a weekend. I would of felt completely stupid if I knew someone was watching me roll around on the ground, snapping pictures. :D

Thanks, glad you like the shot. You can even tilt the camera a little more for a different look in the picture.
BubbleHead said:
...felt completely stupid if I knew someone was watching me roll around on the ground, snapping pictures.

:L That's what I mean Tim, luckily my neighbors are used to me doing weird things like that. Sometimes they even hear !%**&#)%:mad@&**&!!!! coming out of the garage late at night. :L


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