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a Paint/REpaint question

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I have two Vettes....a '95 LT-1 and a '71 Convertible. The question I have is about the '71, I have recently purchased this car, and it is a numbers matching car, 70K miles, and currently Mille Miglia Red. The factory production color is Sunflower Yellow, as I have listed in the cars description in my profile. I paid $9,000 for this car, and intend on getting the paint/appearance restored to original Sunflower Yellow. My question is:"How crucial is the car's color in it's overall value?"
I have had a Warbonnet Yellow '72 in the past, and love that color. Would this be acceptable, or am I better off, for the sake of the car to bring it back to Sunflower Yellow? The car is in outstanding condition, doesn't need TLC....just alittle attention to detail, and a comprehensive paint change and restoration.....which color? I don't want two RED cars...the '71 will be painted, Yellow is great with me, just wondering if Warbonnet Yellow would be a wrong move and therefore NO option at all?
T.I.A., 95LT-1/TorchCpe...aka Jeff
I don't think there'd be much difference

IMO, I'd paint your 71 the yellow you like. You're already there with having the #s matching. Paint is easy to change, and I'd leave it for the next owner and paint it the color you like.
The purist in my says go with Sunflower for two reasons: 1) I personally love all of the bright shades of yellow and 2) War Bonnet was the most common color in 71, Sunflower was the rarist. You bought a matching car so may as well go all the way. Like Heidi said, it's your car, just keep in mind selling time. When I went looking, paint was my #1 concern since repainting a Vette is so expensive so I wanted a good paint job and an original color. There are plenty out there who don't care so long as they like the car so make the car one that you will enjoy as long as it's yours. My $.02.
Your Responses are greatly appreciated!

71Shark, and Heidi too, thanks to you both for your thoughts, I agree with both of you, I am a perfectionist, and would like the originality to prevail on the cars condition and appearance.
Sunflower Yellow has to be the best option for a color change, and, it being the original color is that much better. The news of it's rarity in numbers for production in '71, is good to hear. I'm anxious to get the car out of storage, and get it in to be prepped and painted. It would be nice if it was done by late spring.
Thanks again folks....Jeff

Hey Jeff, good luck with the 71.
I looked up the spec's on your color choices and they are as follows:

1177 painted: SUNFIRE YELLOW

With those numbers in mind, I'd personally lean towards the lower production number for rareity alone.

IMHO - If your a purest, stay with the above colors (you can't go wrong) but please DON'T overlook todays paints.
Paint today is far superior in colors/contrasts/shine, etc...
There are SOOOOO many better colors and shades today, the metallics shades of yellow are stunning. That would set your Vette apart from all the others.

I repainted mine last year, from standard white, to Metallic Pearl White, which in my view, was a natural progression for the maturity and updating of a 20 year old car.

I can't tell you, how many times I've talked with someone who had their Vette painted, and wished they had "UPDATED" the ORIGINAL color using a newer current paint scheme.

Good Luck, either way - Old or New, You'll be styling.:cool
I agree totally.....! Thanks, Craig

I too, am a purest/perfectionist, HELL, I'm anal when it comes to vehicular appearance and performance, and putting what I own to high esteem, and I'll go overboard on these two Vettes, especially the '71. I have terrific base with which to start with. The car does not need restoration in the complete sense....a comprehensive paint application, and some attention to detail and details, such as bringing the dinge to a luster, everything is storage dusted, it's been in a heated/cooled garage, and uncovered. Top stored in the 'up' position, and windows closed tight.
Car is sitting in tire cradles, with hardened rubber castors.....rolls around the floor with the push of a finger. Small amount of scale rust on portions of the frame. This has been a Minnesota Vette all of it's 'owned' life, although never driven in the snow or road salt. Interior and top are as new, it's a low option car...unfortunately. No air, has Power Brakes, no power steering, for now that is, black comfort weave interior, 4-spd, all stock, and numbers match. The paint is currently a Mille Miglia Red, and finish is actually VERY nice, but, the original color is Yellow, and I don't know if it's the DAYTONA, or the SUNFLOWER yellow, as per it's factory build specs. Need to find this out, and apply the info to the current pigments and technological advancements you mentioned. I even gave a very fleeting thought to a 'chameleon'/'prism' paint job, the body lines would make that paint change like crazy. It does interest me from a custom standpoint...but the stock aspect of the car would be defeated.....am I wrong? Thanks to everyone for your input and kind words of acceptance to an "F.N.G."(friggin' new guy),all of you are very helpful and hospitable. And the CAC is a treasure trove of information, and resources. AWESOME....!!
Re: I agree totally.....! Thanks, Craig

95LT-1/TorchCpe said:
...but, the original color is Yellow, and I don't know if it's the DAYTONA, or the SUNFLOWER yellow, as per it's factory build specs. Need to find this out...

Oooo, Oooo, pick me:L:L. Daytona wasn't an option in 71, Sunflower was the name given to the bright yellow color in 71. Who knows, the colors may actually be the same - I've never seen them side-by-side but they have to be awful close. Chevy has been known to rename colors just for the sake of renaming them - 71 Bridgehampton became Targa in 72 :eyerole. I'm sure some of our paint experts will know for sure if Daytona and Sunflower are indeed the same.

You may be an FNG:L, but at heart you're just another AVL(Anal Vette Lover) like the rest of us.

- Eric

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