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A question about synthetic oil


Eric 70

I wanted to post this on the C4 section, and also on the C5 section. I have a '70 Vette, but I just bought a 2000Rustang GT. I am due my first oil change, and want to go with sythetic. I am looking into "Royal Purple". Has anyone had experience with this brand? I was also researching Amsoil.

Although I have never used either product, from what I have heard, both are excellent products.
Mobil One

I have used Mobil One for many years with great results.
How would you rate these other synthetic oils. Are they that much better?
According to the Scar Test , Amsoil kicked Mobile 1's butt. They didn't show a comparison against Royal Purple. My mechanic says it is because Royal Purple beats Amsoil in every test. I am going with Royal Purple by my mechanic's advise. He has a Top Fuel Dragster that he uses it in.

Thanks Eric
Thats what I need to hear. Think I try the Royal Purple next time.

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