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A question for C4C5


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Aug 17, 2001
Ocala, Florida
1996 Black Convertible
Good Sunday Morning,

I have a '96 with the electronic climate control.

The system works great but there is no button lighting. The little green lights over the buttons works as does the temp screen.

I took the head unit out, took it apart and checked the four bulbs and cleaned the contacts on the pc board. I ran a test lead with 12 volts to the runs on the pc board for the bulbs and they lit up. I put it back together and the buttons are still dark. I checked all of the fuses in the panel on the passenger side of the car.

Can you tell me where the power comes from for the bulb lighting?

Thank you and I really enjoy reading your posts.

Central control module

Hi there,
Well, your lighting for your entire dash board is actually controlled by the central control module. You see, it will take the outside light, via the sun load sensor, at the defroster duct, and see what kind of light you have. Then, it will add electrical power to the lighting systems within the dashboard.
Please, if I may, a few questions, do you see any other lights out, like the radio, the control panel for your fuel, instrument panel??/
Have you noticed any lighting issues other than this, like flickering of the lights inside the car???
We are really not concerned with the exterior lights, just the interior.
Also, do you see a 'SYS' flashing in your LCD display??
Please let us know what you have, and we can proceed with diagnosis.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
OK... I had to wait until it got a little dark out.

All the interior lights are working. I replace every burnt or missing bulbs when I got the car. The dash and instrument cluster all work. The dimmer switch works. I put my fat thumb on the photo electric cell and the lights dimmed.

The dash lights have never flickered. They are as steady as a rock.

I don't know if the fuel info, eng/mt, gauges, reset buttons light or not but they are dark.

The sys light flashed on and off awhile back but I replaced the battery and has never come back on.

One thing I didn't mention was that there is an after market radio in the car. It lights up like the Goodyear blimp.

I hope this helps you.

As you say...... :hb

Thank you,
More info

Do you have sport seats?

Hi there,
YOur next move will be to check your CLSTR fuse, located in the side panel. I know you checked it, however, this is always first.
Then, when you remove the control head, check the 12volt supply on the grey wire, no tracer.
Let us know what you have, c4c5:hb
Read the post temp up.....

Check the HVAC controls ( using my prescribed procedure) see if you have any error codes in there.

2nd when the aftermarket stereo was installed the could have goofed the lighting crkt for the AC.

I'll have to dig a bit for this one.


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