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Adapting PFI computer



It's been 14 mo.s (don't ask) but my car now has a new nose, side vents, L88 hood and all the other bad spots in the rear body glassed over - it's going to look really nice.
Today, I'm going to help take it to the paint shop - in 3 wks it goes over to my vette shop for install. of the Fastburn 385 crate
My question concerns adding fuel-inj. (in a yr or so) - the new Ram Jet 350 PFI unit will bolt on, but GMPP says the computer is not calibrated to any other cam therefore it will not regulate the air/fuel mixture properly on the 385 (and that's all they said - they're great for short answers).
Does anyone have experience or tips on re-cal.g or using a dif.
thanks, Mark:W:
It's been so long, I actually slept w/my new Holley 750 in my bedroom (it was on the floor, not the bed)!
I have had considerable experience with adapting fuel injection to different types of cars.

G.M. is correct and you should not attempt to run the Ram Jet computer on a modified engine. The good and bad of the ram jet is that it comes with a tiny pre-calibrated sealed computer unit that is small and easy to mount. The bad part is that it is limited to the original engine specifications. I feel like for the price of the complete crate ram jet, a qualified Do-it-yourselfer can assemble a stroked small block with aftermarket components and make much more hsp.

For your application you should consider running a complete stand alone unit that can be calibrated. Edelbrock has an awesome port fuel injection system for a small block that comes complete for around $2k. It will also fit under your hood without modifications. Other units are available from Holley, Accel, TPiS and others.

Other options you have include using a stock fuel injection system on your motor with an aftermarket harness from painless or street and performance with a recalibrated or chipped factory computer unit. However, you won't get the air and fuel flow out of a stock unit to feed your beast.

Good luck.

Aftermarket PFI

Thanks for the information - I'm printing it out right now!
Maybe I could e-m you next year when I'm ready to add
PFI to my engine? Take it easy, Mark :cool

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