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The Tire Rack sells some nice correct offset 16" wheels with perfect fitment for my 78. I would really like some 17 or 18" wheels.
Does anyone know, specifically, of any wheels of this size which have the proper fitment?
AfterMarket Wheels

Check out Center Line Wheels at www.centerlinewheels.com/
Any of thier Billet Wheels will fit. Just make sure you order the correct back spacing. I have a set 17x8 Fluted Star's on my 79 they fit great with no mods need. I do not know if it makes a difference or not but my 79 came with the 255 tire option. The rims in the pic are not the fluted star they are the stock ones. I am currently trying to build a web site with all the mods I have done.
I just switched wheels and tires. Previous owner was running 15x7 Cragar Tru-spokes with a spacer. I had considerable front end wobble.

I just bought American Racing Torque Thrust II's from Summit. Size is 16x8 and I'm using Goodyear Eagle 255-50-16 HP-Ultra-Plus's all around. American Racing also makes the same wheel in 17 inches.

Check out page one of my site below. Other pages have the Cragar wires still on.

Thanks for the response...I think they look great!!! If I can get them in 17" I'm sold.
What is the maximum backspacing front and rear for the C3?
I know 4" is the commonly circulated number but can it be "stretched" to 4.25? Thanks.
To make a long story short, I bought a set of Halibrand 5-spokes 16x7 with 4.5 in backspacing prior to buying the American Racing TT2's. Well these ran right into the parking brake cable and the rear spring. They weren't available in any other BS. I sent them back and after research discovered that 4in BS was standard.

The TT2's I have now are 4 inch BS and they fit perfect. I don't think you could squeeze 4.25 inch in because that 0.25 inch is about the clearance I have from the parking brake cable. Infact I recently discovered that at some point the parking brake cable was rubbing against the tire. I couldn't find any markings on the tire, so maybe it was from the 275/60-15's I removed. Hard to say.

Then again, you could always relocate the parking brake cable and go with the larger BS.

Why fight city hall...go with what works.
If you do not have a price range you can get some HRE's they are expensive but one of the nicest wheels I have seen IMO. And they make them custom so you can get whatever size you need want with the correct offset. here is the link just in case you interested.



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