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AGM Battery that will fit in base 2007 Convertible ?


Jan 25, 2021
Tinicum Township, PA
2007 Convertible 3LT
I'm looking to replace my 4 year interstate battery with a AGM battery. I have looked high and low for one, but I come up short every time, save for a $275 dollar Odyssey. Now using the size gauged at the interstate website, I need one that is a T5 or group size 35 and measures 9 9/16 long X 6 15/16 wide X6.9 high. Now Optima says I need to take the battery out and measure it, but I would like to find a battery with disconnecting the old battery. I saw on YouTube a person used a trickle charger and connected it to the back of the alternator and the alternator bracket, and in doing that, you can remove the old battery without disturbing any of the setting on the car. What do you think ?

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