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Air Conditioning Problem



Howdy Folks

Old Dumb Dale turned on the 94 Coupe and being a bit warm in South Texas, turned on the A/C and though the fan did blow and blow hard, no cool air came from within. Being quite old and not too smart, I went to the local Autozone, bought a tester, R134a and went to work. Seems that using the chart, I located what I ass/u/me/d was the "low side" and the tester fit just as advertised, however it came up with a reading of 110 lbs, which the chart said I had hooked up to the wrong connector, do not add refrigerant. However the other connector is larger and won't accept the testing/refill kit.

Maybe one of you fine folks might pass on a few words of wisdom to this old fella. If you figure I won't be able to understand, which I might not, maybe a name of a half way honest A/C mechanic around San Antonio, Texas would be appreciated.

:confused Thanks Dale


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark

First (I know this sounds really crazy), disconnect the battery for about 30 seconds, then reconnect. Hop inside and fire it up and try the a/c. I believe you will find it is now working.

The computer will shut it down if it cycles too many times in a given period. If you are going to do this yourself, I suggest spending about $100 more and getting a full manifold gauge set from the autoparts store. Your static pressure is high because the system is not pumping. You will see the high pressure on the low side because it equalizes when not in use.

You should see the low side drop around 35 when engaged. The system will cylce right in that range. With the full gauge set you can hook of a fresh can of 134 to the gauge, and hook the gauge to the car. This will allow you to add as needed to stabalize the low side.

One great trick is to get a bucket full of hot water (the hot side of your tap water is fine). Drop the 134 down in the hot water while filling the car. The heat in the water will force the freon out faster. You can often overcome the static pressure when adding a tad more this way without having to crank the car and start the compressor turning.

Good luck.

Jim D

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Feb 11, 2002
Mickleton, NJ
1987 yellow vert
well the first thing I would do is see if the ac compressor runs when you turn on the ac. If the comp. doesn't run replace the fuse , if the compressor runs here is the next thing to do. First of all the larger of the 2 lines is the low side it may have a blue marker on it. If you follow the larger line down by the passanger side fender you will see a line switch ,its the low pressure cutoff swich. That will tell you you have the right line. The low pressure line (the bigger of the 2) should be cold to the touch if not ,your probably low om refrigerant. Attach your guages and refrigerant, I don't know what the pressures should be, llok in your repair amnual. One way I charge without guages is I put a thermometer in the ac ducts insise the car and charge to the air coming out is aboout 40-42 degrees, good luck Jim


You Folks Sure Are GOOOOOD

You Guys even make it easy for an old geezer like me. I took the advice of both of you and what happens, things start cooking, I'm finally able to add a can of 134a and sure 'nuff, cool air again.

My wife is talking to me again but I got to keep this a secret as she wants to take the green machine for herself.

Ya'all have a most excellent day!

Thanks again for all your efforts.


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