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Air conditioning question



Hello all,

First just wanted to tell everyone what a great forum you have and want to thank you for letting me join, (all be good I promise). Anyway I think I have a pretty simple question, what year did the Corvette switch from R12 to R134a refrigerant?

Thanx for the Info
Welcome Bigshone

I grew up in the Sacramento valley. I am enjoying Southern living now, but I do miss being able to drive (to places I knew about) for a short time and be somewhere different.
Northern, Eastern or Western mountains, coast, San Fran, numerous rivers and great restaurants in every dirrection. I am still discovering Georgia, and have come across some finds already.

Once again, welcome to the CACC!
Hey 78:
You want to try Georgia 400 north of Dawsonville; head on up into the mountains, pick a windy road. Stop for lunch in Helen; if the weather's nice you can eat outdoors overlooking the river. Then maybe make a loop that'll carry you through Toccoa, back down to I-85 and a quick blast back home. Should make an interesting day trip.
There are lots of neat roads up that way, and in the summer it's a little cooler than the Hotlanta area.
I used to live in Cumming, on Lake Lanier, and the mountains were just a short run north.

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