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Air intake swap


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Oct 5, 2005
1998 Carmine Red Coupe
I had posted this on the general discussion forum but wasn't getting much feedback so I will try here. The straps holding the airbox together finally broke in my 98 C5 so since I have to take the entire air intake off to fix it I thought I would swap it out for a Blackwing. As you know there is a ribbed rubber connector between the air bridge and the throttle body. I was going to replace this with a smooth connector. However, you will note from the enclosed pic that there is a small rubber hose that fits into the ribbed connector. First, what is it? Second, I cannot find a smooth connector with a hole in it where this hose would go. Sooo, are there smooth connectors available with the proper hole or can I drill out a hole on a smooth connector that doesn't have one?


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