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Aligned and STILL pulling?



I just had the 78 aligned today, and she is still pulling to the L as I drive, however the pull to the R while braking has been virtually eliminated.
I drove 4mi/30-50mph with it pulling and then returned to the shop, which thought the prob was a 'directional' pull from one of the front tires as the align sheet showed it was 'dead on'. They switched the front tires and called the problem fixed...but I don't think they test-drove it outside of the parking lot...because it STILL pulls to the L, requiring a constant R-hand steer correction from me at driving speeds.
I have the alignment sheet, but I can't make heads or tails out of the numbers, and what they mean.
Can this be a problem where I need to adjust the ps control valve?
I also had them look at my brakes...which will need replacing in the near future:eyeroll...but everything else is checking out okay for my BG trip.
ps ctrl vlv bubba-check

Carefully...Safely...get both front wheels off ground. Once car is carefully and safely supported & rears chocked...start the car...leave in park...gently rev motor through 3K a few times...all the while observing if front end is steering itself one way or another...if steering remains stationary the ps ctr vlv is probably ok...if steering pulls the vlv is probably NOT ok. Hope this helps

Well I thought the alignment would have taken care of it, but now thinking about this and knowing you just replaced the PS stuff I would agree with Jack. When I replaced my power steering valve and hoses it was so out of adjustment that when I hit the gas the steering wheel was jerked right out of my hand, and trying to just drive down my street it shook the whole front of the car. A little adjusting on the valve and all was fine. Give that a try first.
Remember, don't stick your arm through the steering wheel to start the car! If you need me to take a picture of the adjusting screw just email me, I have a digital camera and can have one for you in minutes.
ps control valve

Thanks Jack and Scott

...I am hoping this is the culprit...

We have about 3 weeks before the house closes and we can get our things out of storage, then we can check the ps. I will be so happy to get out of this RV and into the house/garage!


Heidi & Hubby:
Scott's so right about keeping your hands & wrists out of steering wheel while testing. I'll go one further... pleeez get your baby's ps checked out sooner rather than at house closing... if car's pulling bad while at full-tilt-boogie...all it'd take is a half-second distraction and you're in the weeds ...or worse since it's pulling LEFT. Regardless whether ps or alignment is culprit. Fiberglass repair is expensive... God forbid anything more!

Also, I forgot to include this in test precodure: vary the direction of the steering wheel during test... full lock left, mid-left, centered etc... it might pull more or less at different wheel steering position(s). I hope it's just an adjustment to your valve...probably is since I just realize from Scott's post that your's was recently replaced.

Alas, one would think that the alignment bay would've checked for this...so quick & easy at that point.

BTW, how's she cooling last few days?
I tend to agree with the P/S theory

Makes the most sense anyway. My wife had her '81 aligned at the Chevy dealer where she works one time and it drove perfectly. The next day she had them do some other service work and that included rotating the almost new tires. After that it pulled to the right real bad. They rechecked the alignment and everything else you would think of but nothing cured the problem. Finally they put the tires back where they started and that fixed it. Must have had a slight wear pattern started that caused the pull. These were Goodyear Eagle ST tires that I have had real good luck with before.


Thanks for all the tips,

She pulled L before and after the new tires, so I'm pretty sure it isn't the tires. The amount of pull did not vary at all after the alignment. The L rear wheel was out of camber/toe adjustment.
I will take your advice and not wait until closing to do this. I really do not want to pay someone to do this, as it sounds like a problem we can easily fix...but if it needs to be done now, it needs to be done. Safety is of utmost importance.

So far, she's been running normal (195-205) I'd prefer her to run a little cooler....but I just drive more kindly during the hot part of the day, the rest of the time she runs great and I don't need to watch the temp. I am considering driving to BG early Th morning to make most of the trip in the cooler morning hours.


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