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Alignment problem?



Hi, I just received my 2001 Coupe last week. This is my first Vette ever. One thing I noticed is that the alignment seems to be pulling a little to the right even on a seemingly straight and flat road. I took it to the dealer, they told me this is normal for Corvettes due to their wide tires and good tractions and all roads, including freeways, are designed to bank a little to the right. I ended up not having my Vette checked yet. I was wondering how true the dealer's explanation was? Has anyone had this problem with his/her new Vette? Thanks. -James
I'm not sure I agree with their assessment. I believe that what they are referring to is called "Tracking" where the car will lightly tug or pull in one direction or another when driving over a rut or groove in the pavement. This can be seen on stretches of road that are frequented by 18-wheelers. Tracking is more evident in automobiles equipped with wide tires and the Corvette, most notably in the C4 and up are very prone to it. There's nothing wrong with the car, it's just an inherent characteristic given the nature of the wide tires.

However, if the car is continually pulling in one direction regardless of what kind of pavement you're on, then there is an alignment problem and I would take it to a a dealership that is a little more experienced in dealing with Corvettes if your current one isn't.
There is a "crown " to most roads...cars tend to go right ...but have the alignment checked anyway:beer :J :drink :W:
rain grooves

I agree completely with Rob on cars' tendancy to track in accordance with their environment. But, once verified the car pulls in one direction regardless of environment, then do have alignment checked. And yes, most roadbeds are crowned.

It's been a while since I was in So Cal ... I recall the freeways had prominent "rain grooves" sawn into roadbed ... and those grooves seldom mirrored the radii of beds' curves.

Performance cars have stiff suspensions and big tires ... tracking is directly proportional toboth suspension stiffness and tire width. A vette (even a C5) is more stiffly sprung than most other cars ... and definately has wider tires

If a driver has yet to experience the effect of rain grooves (wet or dry), then I caution him watch out for them and NOT carry a lot of speed into rain-grooved curves until he has some more performance car time under his belt.

Also, if a driver cannot stay within the max break-in speed because nominal freeway speeds are too high, the solution is rather simple; stay off the freeway and allot sufficient travel time to use only the surface roads. Hope this helps.

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