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Alternator upgrade



I'm getting ready to upgrade my SI-10 61amp alternator with the Quick-Start upgrade kit that will take it to 105amp.

Has anyone done this - and - did the stock AMP (BATTERY) gauge work ok? I have seen a post or two about "frying the gauge".


I just replaced the 63amp unit with (what is suppose to be the correct) 85 amp unit in my '81. Everything works perfectly, the gauge reads correctly and I can run virtually every option in the car and the needle never shows any drain at all. 105 seems like a huge jump from 61. Why the big increase? Oh yeah, I also found the new alternator used a larger bolt set than the 63 did and I had to make a couple mods at the pivot bracket and the tensioning bracket.

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Actually I'd like to only go up to 80a, but they don't have an upgrade kit for that. Basically planning ahead as I might be adding a dual electric fan setup (25a max draw) and I think with my A/C on, and all, I will be mighty close to the limit of the 61a alt. I need to get out there and put a meter on it, but I can't believe that GM put a 25a reserve in that alts load capacity.

You'd definitely be taxing a 61amp with those add-ons, but I'm surprised you can't find an 80-85amp around. I got mine from AutoZone of all places. Let me ask a couple folks at work with C3's and see if they've done the same thing.

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Hey Nut - What's an almost AARP member? Ever since I retired they been sending me stuff on a regular basis. Can't figure out how they know that unless they got some stuff with age records on it. I took an early retirement at 55 instead of getting terminated in a downsizing.

"Almost" means I'm almost there (i.e. the big 50). With the gray beard and the gray in (what's left of my hair), I get the "senior" deals all the time. It's great. I'm jealous of your early-out. I'll likely still be laboring away for an ungrateful master for a while yet. Fortunately for now I love my job. I'm glad you got out before they beat you like a junkyard dog. Enjoy.

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Why not go with some more modern technology?

The current ACDelco CS130 usually will bolt right into where a 10-SI currently resides.

I did that with my 71 BB.

Take a look at:
for more info on the SI-ti-CS conversion.

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