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Aluminum Driveshafts

I have a question for you bullit. Is it automatic or manual. I know an engineer who does failure analysis and he mentioned that he has rarely seen twisted shafts on automatics. He stated they were more common in manual transmissions. Its because in an automatic drive train the torque converter will go before the shaft and in a manual the weaker link is the shaft. This still leaves the question about the u-joints but i hope that helps somehow.

What is suggested from the information is referred to manual transmissions, so they probably do get more abuse. However, autos were not left out in the cold. The one problem that is evident is that most everyone lists 3" diameter shafts, which Redmist found out will not fit without modifying the tunnel. I'm sure they could custom make an aluminum one for the Shark at 2.5" or maybe 2.75" diameters. I need to measure mine (auto) to see where I'm starting from and then proceed from there. I mentioned that later model Corvettes and F-bodies had aluminum shafts, but they are not putting out the torque of a big block through the drivetrain. I have no idea of their diameters, so I don't think swapping one would be a good idea without more information. I guess the person to contact would be someone like John Lingenfelter, who has experience with the C4's drivetrain limitations. More emails, I guess. --Bullitt

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