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aluminum polish/care


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Feb 9, 2001
Shreveport, LA
1981 silver/blue: two tone
What is the best to clean aluminum wheels. I have used Mothers polish and it works good, but it is much more work than I like. If I polish them up, can I coat them with something that will keep them from oxidizing? I am looking for a little less maint.
There's several different aluminum polishes out there and they all pretty much do the same. The one polish I have found that I like the best is Blue Magic. You can get it in either liquid or paste.

Once you polish the wheels, you have a choice. You can either clear coat them or actually apply a coat of wax which will help keep the wheels somewhat slippery, slow down the re-oxidation and help remove brake dust when it comes to clean them.
Polish them ...


Are you talking about your L81? Have you stripped off the Clear Coating?

I stripped the coating off mine then use "Mothers" on them I only need to touch them up about twice a year AT THE MOST. I keep the Rare81 parked inside and try to keep the wheels covered. Believe it or not... the motor in the furnace/airconditioner cause some ionization that does affect the wheels... over a period of time. Probably not in my lifetime,, but one can never be to carefull.

Seriously, Mothers does all the work. If you have the coating off and put a couple coats of Mothers on them ... Those Mothers should shine like a wet babies bottom :D..

But as Rob said you can get a clear coat spray, or talk to someone that you trust from a local body shop. They may have some good suggestions too.
Bud & Rob,
Thanks! The general consenses is that a little wax will help. I'll try that.

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