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Another K&N question



I put one on my '86 and felt the difference from the get go. I now have a '90 with a stock air filter and was thinking about buying one for it. My question is: are they bad for the car? I remember reading a thread on here [Couldn't find it again for reference purposes] that said that they aren't good for the TB and intake because of the oil on them. Another person was telling me that they could possibly allow debris into the system also. Is there a final conclusion. What are your experiences? Thanks!
May 29, 2002
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"...they aren't good for the TB and intake because of the oil on them."

You can put to much oil on the K&N filter, they should only be lightly coated.

I had one on my LT4 without any problems and I currently have a Twin K&N on my C5, also without any issues.

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