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another wasted vette



not sure if it is a 65 or 66. inquired about buying, but no response. by the looks of things it has been there for a few years. the white walls on the tires are bleeding. what a shame.
What the hell? Is it on stands or something in front, trying to keep it level or what?

_ken :w
Still saving up for those new front calipers.:(
Offer he can't refuse

If you are really interested, knock on the door with cash in your hand. Without seeing the car or knowing the facts, I am sure you cannot estimate its worth, or know if you even want it, but cash definitly changes a person's frame of mind. This is a fact.

A gentleman wanted 25K for 67 convert I bought last Nov. When I pulled 4K out of my pocket and told him I could have another 13.5K to him by the end of the day, he didn't even negotiate. I picked up my # matching, 67,000 orig mile roadster for 17.5. Give it a whirl.
Money talks. I, for one, am wanting to know what is under that cover. It could be very rough or it could be amazingly nice. Might even be a nice original FI or BB car or a sweet small block convert.

Maybe he will let you see it even if he won't sell.

i knocked on the door as soon as i saw the car. but the people in the house either do not speak english or they do not want to talk about the car. i ask about it for about 5min, but they looked at me with a blank gaze. finally i tried to get the woman out side, but she just looked at me and replied "no for sale". i left my business card and off i went. i drive by it pretty much once a week, the car looks pretty rough. the only thing i can tell for sure is that it has side pipes, knock offs and it is dark blue. actually there are a few more vettes in my hood, i will try and snap some shots and post them.
This should be a sin! Any Vette under a tarp. Wonder if the good Lord could add it as his 11th commandment :)

'72 LT-1 Roadster
Lady of the house? or the cleaning Lady of the house?
66 Laguna blue side pipe 427/425

It must be a 66 Big block Laguna Blue ( dark blue ) 427/425 car , right???

Just keep trying. JWalsh is correct. Stop again with four or five $100 bills to wave. If they do not speak English, find a person that speaks their language. ....and then wave the money.

If you can't buy it, at least photograph it so we all know what we are missing.
Have fun,

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