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Antenna bypass


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Oct 24, 2001
2000 Magnetic Red Vert & 2015 DSOM Coupe Z51-3LT
I usually drive listening to CD's. I'm getting sick of the antenna up when its not necessary. Any way to bypass the radios control of the antenna. Thanks, Michael
Fast Red Vette -

I don't have that problem, my antenna is in the
windshield. There's probably a fuse somewhere,
check your drivers handbook. I'll check the manuals
if no one else answers your post and let you know.

Thanks FarOut but I was thinking more of a inline switch so if I should decide to listen to the radio I could just throw the switch and reactivate the antenna. The fuse removal is a option though . Thanks
Mid America

Power antenna bypass kit
601-252 $19.99

at the antenna motor break the Dk Green line
Pin B

When the radio on command is given it hits the amp relays & this line to make the ant go up!

Or pull the RDO/ANT fuse 24 20 amp.

Vigman How hard is it to get to the antenna motor?

I can't say for sure..I only have the C-5 books
( shop manuals)

C-4&3's are my most direct experience

I'll dig for a procedure...

It looks like

You can take a peek-A-boo at the assy if you remove both tail lights ( Pass side ).

There is a sheild over the entire antenna assy.

What your looking for are 2 connectors

1) Coax for the actual antenna signal.( not this one).

2) A 3 wire connector ( antenna motor drive)

You would have to run 2 wires into the cabin to make or break the Dark Green circut ( SPST switch) and install that where you like.

The pix in the shop manual doesn't show the level of detail needed to assist further.

Ahhhhhh wait,

The pix for the convertible shows removal thru the tail light hole & the 2 wires ( coax & 3 conductor cable) and there is a grommet
to go from the cabin to the outerworld in the rear corner..1/2 way up.


The schematic for 1998 shows an orange Pin A ( Always Hot) and a dark green Pin B( radio on command) Hot when radio is on.
And a black Pin C ground.

But the connector drawing shows...
Pin 1 N/C
Pin 2 Dk Green power ant relay feed-coil
Pin 3 Pink Radio signal on

Some observation is in order.
Still betting on Dk Green

Thanks Vigman. Chevy just couldn't make it easy could it. I will check it out. Michael
Great idea ! I hate the look of my C5 with the antenna up..Were can i pick up one of these Bypass kits ?

Thanks !
With all of that trouble it might be easier to put it on the window like the coupe. Good luck.
To install the bypass kit do you have to access the antenna motor or tap in the green line somewhere near the fuse box. I really don't want to take the tail lights out to get at the motor. Thanks, Michael
antenna access

the rt quarter can be removed very easy,its only screwed on with less than 15 torx screws but you have to remove the rt tail light to get to the 10 mm nuts that hold the rt side of the bumper cover. It is only a 20 minute job. The coupe has the antenna in the rear window. and my hardtop really sucks , it has a fixed antenna.

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