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antifreeze pouring out= new waterpump



Well, the local Chevy dealer has looked at my car and confirmed that it is a bad water pump. The damage is $512 for a new one to be installed. This is a factory new unit. I have no wrenching skills, so I had no choice but to have it done. Boy, 6oo miles and 2 weeks of Corvette ownership and I have my first repair!. The dealer told me that it's not uncommon for the water pump to go out on these cars at 50,000 miles, when they aren't driven to much, (6,000 miles a year)and the seals get a chance to dry up. I better start saving mymoney as it looks like the clutch is next, It's release point is at the top of the pedal.

We need a band-aid smilie!

Yow! What a repair cost first off the bat!
That seems like an excessive cost! Perhaps you could locate a Corvette club in your area who can recomend several good Corvette mechanics for repair price comparisons?
Good luck.


I agree with 78SilvAnniv. a club in your area is one of the best sources of info you can get and you'll enjoy getting involved with club activities. I am not a wrench either, although I was able to replace my waterpump without any problems but then again mine is a 75 and propably not as complicated as yours.
one thing I have learned from talking to others and this goes for a majority of vehicles with waterpumps w/ fan assemblies is if you can wiggle the blades (with the engine off of course) and you can see 1/8" or more play at the waterpump pulley, then it's time to replace the pump. You're clutch probably just needs an adjustment, I would go that route first and maybe get a second opinion from someone that you feel is trustworthy.
Good Luck and let us know how you made out.
Joe V.
Clutch Adjust 94

There is none... it's a hydraulic system with no tweekable linkage, Yup it's clutch time


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