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Any AT experts here? Problem with '96 filter



Changed the filter on my '96. The new AC-Delco filter has a different seal that I have never seen before. Instead of going up into the hole where the filter tube goes, it just slides over the tube and stays below the hole. PROBLEM: If the filter slides down as it surely will being a very loose fit, you do not get a good seal. IS THIS A PROBLEM? If you have an answer, please email me at chmorey@att.net
Hi there,
Your tranmission is a 4l60-e, and you should have the steel seal, with the rubber inner ring.
You will have to remove the old one, and then install the newer one with a socket with enough of a diameter to slide in that space.
You should NOT have an orange seal.
Please leyt us know what you have, c4c5
I am now wondering if in fact to did get all of the old seal out, and that is why the new one won't fit. I did get the black rubbery stuff out which was what I assumed was the old seal. How do you get the rest of it out, if in fact there is more to come out?
If you look at the new seal, you will notice a steel outside sleeve.
At the shop, we pry it out, putting on part of the seal remover on the case to the trans, and one inside the seal. It takes some moving around, but usually come out with a little effort.
Then you install the new seal with a socket, and a slight tap of a small hammer, until it seats correctly. The seal, once in, should be flush with the aluminum casting of the transmission.
Let us know how you do, c4c5
Interested party


srmrvette: Did you get it out and the new one installed???

I'm contemplating doing this to my 96 also (this winter) instead of taking it to the transmission shop.

How difficult of a job is this?
Getting the old seal out can be a bear. If the old seal is in good condition, you may want to just use it.
Thanks, srmrvette.
I'll try to reuse the old one first.
Jobs Done!

OK, I just finished this up. Looked at the old seal and seems to me you can re-use it if it's OK and not too old or anything. Mine's a 96 with low miles and the seal looked good, in fact, the old filter and fluid looked really good also (25,000miles)

Bottom line, I reused the old seal in place.

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