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For sale [MO] 2001 C5 Lingenfelter Coupe 59,188 miles $18.5k


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Dec 11, 2018
I'm in Springfield, MO. I'm a 43 year old guy who works in IT but was raised by a diesel mechanic and have always worked on my own cars.

2001 Lingenfelter Chevrolet Corvette in Magnetic Red II. Short throw shifter, custom wheels, Hurricane custom intake, carbon-fiber engine covers, non-stock intake manifold, long tube headers, Corsa stainless exhaust, big cam. Fresh oil change, and good tread. I don't know much else about the car build. I have contacted Lingenfelter several times asking for a build sheet on the car and they tell me it was all on paper back then and they will have to look it up and send it. The dealer and I both tried a few times and we never received anything. My neighbor has a friend who was a mechanic for GM for 30 years and he was able to tell me that the intake manifold gasket isn't stock. If you add up the things you can see it should amount to an extra 100hp. It could be more but I can't prove it. I don't know the spec on the cam but I do know it runs best with the idle at 1100 rpm. When I got the car the tune was set to 850 rpm idle and the idle would underspeed during stop and go, or quick changes in rpm. I bought a HPT tuner and set it to 1100 rpm and that fixed the problem. The cam is very throaty and shakes the car at 850 rpm but, at 1100 rpm it runs smooth. With the tuner I have checked the tune to make sure it's not trimming too much and the tune looks good. I was given a receipt that the car was tuned in the summer of 2017. The dealer told me the car had been hit in the pipe so I assume it was tuned when the new pipes went on. I don't think they tuned it for drivability though. I also noticed that the tune had the MAF and O2 sensors turned off and this made it more powerful, but smell rich and it would cut out over 95 degrees. I turned these back on and the car feels a little less snappy but reacts to ambient temps like it should. The only other thing I've had to do is bend the prongs on micro relay 34 to the AC clutch. The AC clutch was clicking so I had it leak tested and evacuated and purged. It passed the leak test and I ended up having to trace every wire and buy a new computer thinking it was a ground not being sent from the computer. It ended up being none of those things and just the normal heat going through the terminals in the fuse box had loosened the connection. Instead of bending them on the long side I had to bend them out a little towards the short side. So, I have an extra computer that goes with it that I already spent two tuning credits to flash that goes with the car. I'm keeping the HPT tuner for my Silverado. Other than that the car is in excellent condition. Everyone who sees it can't believe it's condition for the year. I would drive it anywhere. I put about 4,000 miles on it in the time I have owned it. Most of my trips going to northern Arkansas from Springfield, MO, or down around Branson, MO on my favorite bike roads. I actually traded a dealer in Ozark my 2016 Road Glide for it. It is one awesome car. The wheels are perfect on the faces but there is some peeling of the gray paint happening on the inside. I planned to remove the peeling with a wire brush and spray some sort of gray inner wheel paint but I haven't had to take the wheels off yet. Any questions just ask. I have a loan with my credit union which the buyer will need to pay them directly to get the title. It takes a week after payment. They will send it directly to you. If you're in my area you're welcome to come check it out in Springfield and I'll take you for a ride. I would like to get out of this payment to help fund a business project. I can make someone a pretty nice deal. I have the car listed at $18,500 which is what I paid but I have lots of wiggle room so talk to me. The miles are one trip over what is listed. I took it on one fall drive since then. The dealer told me he thought he could get $24k but, the situation with the build sheet has made the car value closer to a base model. It's not at all a base model but the suspensions is still the stock base model suspension. It could really use some Bilsteins that could keep up with what the engine is capable of. The car is really comfortable and floaty if you will. Nothing harsh about the ride. The targa top has two thin cracks on the passenger side. I haven't had it in a rain storm because I don't drive it if the weather is bad but I have washed it with a high pressure sprayer and I got a few drops on the passenger seat. I'm not sure if it would happen in heavy rain or not. I've never removed the targa top because I didn't want to disturb the seal. Thanks for looking.


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