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Any Suggestions for Electric fan conversion?



Driving to work the other morning, I was minding my own business, going about 60mph, when my clutch fan explodes. All I hear is this pop and a bunch of crunching, and see a bunch of pieces of my car trailing out behind me. After pulling over to see what happened, I see a bunch of steam come from under the hood. Well, after the smoke cleared, I find that my clutch fan exploded. I find a piece stuck in the radiator, and 4 other pieces in a twisted, mangled mess in various places under the hood. The shroud is toast, and now I have to replace the radiator. At least it didn't come through the hood!!! Well, Since that happened, my vette seems to run a little better, except for the massive leak I've created, and now I want to put an electric fan in place of the clutch setup it had. Is there any peticular place that I should hook up the wiring to this (like a silanoid I need to install?) or should I just hook to the fuse block? Has anyone done this on theirs (preferably without the melodrama)? Any suggestions on what fan to buy? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm going to get pics of the damage and the fan hopefully tonight if anyone wants to see.

Thanks!! :)


'78 Silver anniversary L48
Nope. I don't need to see it. Been there, done that. Mine threw a blade through the hood.
I installed dual Flex-a-Lites, model 210.
You might also want to look at the Spal fans. They are avaliable from this company.
Ooooohhh.. I'm glad I didn't put it through the hood. That Sucks. I'll check that company out. How about where to wire it up to? Thanks.


Without the melodrama, you can hook up the fan direct to the post on the starter that comes from the battery, or run a fresh wire all the way back to the battery. You will need to wire in a relay assembly to power up the fans at the appropriate time using an ignition "on" wire of your choice so the fan won't come on when the car is off, then to a sending unit or at the least a toggle switch.

I have Dewitts assembly in my car. Not cheap by any means! However, high quality stuff, and it comes with the wires, relays, and instructions!

Good luck.
On my 1970, i have a dual fan assembly from a 1990's LT1/LT5 Vette , its a one piece unit with 2 fans that really move some air. Dont know if it will fit a 1978 . Like 69 said...i have mine wired with #8 wire going from the starter post and fused at 30 amps. I use a remote bulb adj. controller with 6' capillary and have the bulb screwed into the passenger side head. I use a relay fed by the ignition switch tied into the fan circuit. In case the remote bulb controller fails to turn on the fans...i can manually turn them on via a toggle switch i have hidden under the dash in an emergency or...to run the fans continuously if i wanted to for some reason.

I recently put an electric fan in my car, easy set up and cheap! Here's what I did: Wired a hot lead from the bat. to the relay (12v) w a 20 amp fusable link , wired an ignition lead 20amp to the relay, postive wire of the fan to relay, frame ground the fan and then temp switch to the relay.

You can get a fixed temp switch or you can get an adjustable. I have a fixed which comes on at 200 and off at 180.
Spal from Dewitts

I'm also using the same dual 11" Spal fan setup from Dewitts. All of the materials that you will need come in the package. Like Chris said, they aren't cheap but are very high quality. I'm looking forward to getting some use out of them this weekend after the 2nd Radiator swap (hole in the first one).

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