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Anyone Heard of This?!?


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay I posted awhile ago about leaky Valve seals/Burnt oil even though I had them redone well after I had the car back for awhile my ground for my "hotwired Cooling fan" fell off therefore no main cooling fan the car heated up to 260 degrees it got so hot that the cap on the Burp tank BLEW OFF!! and was boiling coolant everywhere and the Scream!! OMG what a sound

(Okay of course Im downtown in rush hour and EVERYONE is watching and pointing!!....Not my finest hour Lol)\

Anyway about 5 gallons of coolant and water later and about 2 hours cool off time I fix it!

BUT GUESS WHAT the leaky Redone Seals done leak anymore I mean the car is as tight as the day I bought it! Im amazed that my misfortune brought my good luck!

Anyway this was a first for me anyone else had something like this happen?!? :J :J :J :J :J
Probably melted the head gasket to the head filled in all those tiny air leaks

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