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C4 weather stripping issue


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Nov 3, 2014
Stephens City Va
1992 Bright Red Coupe
Hello CAC world it has been awhile since i had to post any issues i guess that is a good thing my latest issue is i need to replace all the weather stripping on my C4 i had actually bought a kit off of Ebay for a decent price (that probably should have been my first red flag) and when i got it i had a mechanic friend of mine install it, He had told me that the rubber was pretty hard and he was finding it difficult to get it to work properly well anyway a few weeks later he had it finished and now both my doors you have to shut very hard to get them to shut all the way and both windows leak still atually even worse than it ever has, i contacted a corvette mechanic in my surrounding area (should have did it this way to begin with) and he told me that he gets issues like this all the time in his shop with people buyin aftermarket kits and the rubber is hard and they are not the soft latex like the original OEM product should be he told me he could fix it and i will need to replace the whole kit again with the correct one so basicaly all i did before is a wash, my question is how much can i expect to pay someone that deals only with corvettes to charge me for installing this weather stripping set including the kit itself? if anyone knows please let me know im am figuring around a 1000 based on the kit costing about half of that has anyone else had this issue with buying aftermarket kits for their car?

Thanks in advance,


Sep 24, 2004
Southwest Kansas
2007 Atomic Orange Coupe
No direct experience with this, but would think that is a reasonable amount. When I had my C4, I bought a new weatherstrip for the rear window and installed it myself, what a PITA.

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