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Anyone know why 90's are supposed to be the quickest??


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Just wondering.......I've heard they are lighter but that can't be the only reason:confused:


See our Performance Testing feature article. I think you'll have a better understanding after reading this. Keep in mind also that the weight of the ZR-1 gradually increased over the years as well.
The Quickest???

Jay, I think you're really gonna stir-up some response with this post! :L

Maybe you should clarify it to mean factory quickest? ;)

Re: The Quickest???

1987 Z51 said:
Maybe you should clarify it to mean factory quickest? ;)


Good point Ken..........yes, I'm referring to factory stock ZR-1's:)
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If we are talking Corvettes in stock trim, 90s are the quickest for two reasons: 1) they were certified in a lower weight class and, in a practical sense, had a lower curb weight and 2) the engines were the strongest of the 375s because, in the first model year, there was great attention to detail at Stillwater.

The 89 pilot cars were even quicker via a 3.54 axle ratio and engines that were virtually blue printed and in many cases "slightly" modified with significant attention to detail in the cylinder heads.

The 93s, should have been as quick or quicker, but by 1993 the car had gained enough weight such that 20 more horsepower simply brought the 93s to very close and in some cases equal to the 90s.
Thanks for the interesting info.
Make's us 1990 owners feel better about our Old ZR-1's. :s

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