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ARGH! Freeze plugs and other unexpected repairs

Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
Ok. Took my Vette to the shop for what I thought would be the last couple of repairs (clutch, parking brake). Asked the mechanic to look for the small coolant leak he'd seen on initial inspection. So I stop by today to see how things are going... he essentially tells me the following need fixing/replacing:

1. Clutch fork and pivot (worn unevenly)
2. Flywheel needs remachining and a new ring gear, so...
3. The starter needs replacing because its gear got worn down by the ring gear
4. Clutch slave cylinder is shot (maybe why the clutch is so stiff?)
5. Parking brake has totally rusted together - needs almost everything except for the calipers, INCLUDING the rear cables
6. Coolant leak is the water pump, as suspected, but ALSO four of the six or so freeze plugs. What are these things, and why would they leak?
7. A.I.R. tubing is crimped; minor but another repair. Is the air injection critical? I've seen kits that remove the pump completely.
8. Vent hose from overdrive is crimped and melted
9. Overdrive is leaking mildly (won't fix now; not enough to worry about)
10. Rear main seal is on its way out, so will replace while transmission out
11. Catalytic will need replacing soon (but not now)
12. Oil pan gasket is leaking in back (will replace soon, not now)
13. Wiring from the transmission needs new connectors - oil and another older bad repair have taken the insulation down to bare wires in spots.

I was hoping to take in a track day next Friday (for FREE); it appears it will not happen because I most likely won't even get the car back until then (waiting for parts) let alone break in the new clutch. :hb :( :mad :r :hb
I feel for you. It never rains, but it pours.

69MyWay said:
How many miles on this car?

132500. I knew some of those items would need replacing, but hoped it wouldn't be so soon. I was expecting clutch, parking brake cable or shoes, and the water pump at this particular visit. This is actually the first used car I've ever bought, so maybe having to replace a ton of stuff the first month is normal for an older vehicle :(

It's definitely pouring on my parade right now :( On the good side, I called the track that's holding the event I was going to attend and they said my certificate would be good next year as well.

Hope nobody feels I'm overly whining; just needed to vent my frustrations.


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