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ASR on or off affect speed?



I have a 1994 6 speed, does leaving ASR on when I'm winding out the gears to 5500 affect the performance? Lets assume that I'm in 2nd gear and kick it down and go through 3rd and 4th at 5500 rpm, I don't spin the tires. Would the car be just as fast with the ASR on as if it was off?. I know that spinning the tires with the ASR on affects the power, just wondered if I should turn off the ASR when kicking it down and going through the gears.
the ASR limits wheel spin. in so far as that would limit speed yes it does for drag racing you want wheel spin to keep RMP up when u launch. the shift from 1st to 2nd may generate a slight amount of wheel spin. the ASR should be looked at as a safety device except when racing. If during acceleration your tires hit something slick the ASR will inhibit an out of control spin. However if the streets are wet and you just want to pitch it sideways and have some fun then turn it off. but understand, with a limited slip differential the rear end can come around very quickly when the rear tires are spinning.

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