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Auto to Manual Pedals


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Feb 13, 2002
mobile,al,united states
Black 1976 STINGRAY cpe, T-tops
Im installing an lt1/and t56 in my auto 76 vette. How can I solve my pedal problem... I believe i read that the mounting "box" and brackets are the same for auto and manual. so all i will need to purchase are the brake and clutch pedals to replace the one brake pedal? Where can i find just the clutch and brake pedal and for how much? are there any alternative solutions to just buying stock pedals? What else will i need? I know the installation isnt that fun.


Finding used parts on e-bay is one source, but like most 30+ year old parts most would need to be rebuilt before installation. Finding new parts on e-bay is a crap shoot with little to no customer support if questions are needed to be asked. If it were my project I would use Keisler Engineering, Inc. as my vendor. They have the complete kit available in one package and all there parts are manufactured here in the USA. You will also have to have access to a welder or have someone weld on the Z clutch bracket to the frame. You will have to purchase a new starter, the manual transmission starter has a cast iron nose and the automatic starter has an aluminum nose.
Good luck.

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