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Help! Automatic climate control problems



I am new to this forum but I have found answers to all of my questions here. Until now... Hopefully someone can help me. Car is a 1994.

Problem: recently my climate control has been working intermittently. All the buttons were working, but the whole unit would just shut off and come back on randomly, like it was losing power. I did some research and decided to try taking the CCU out and cleaning all the connections. I cleaned all the pins off with an eraser then put it back together and it worked perfectly... for a day. Then it would turn off and not come on at all. The screen was backlit but buttons didn't work and it didn't display the temp like it should.

So I took it apart again and cleaned everything metal in there with electrical cleaner. I checked the circuit board and everything looks to be soldered fine. When I put it back together it still wasn't doing anything. I wiggled the wires on the harness that plugs into the back of the CCU and it turned on. The weird thing is, sometimes the blower will come on when I wiggle the wires even if I disconnect the CCU from the harness. When the CCU is getting power now, the buttons don't all work and the ones that do work don't do what they are supposed to do. I am thinking the wiring harness is bad. Any ideas? My black on black hardtop isn't as fun to drive in this heat without A/C...
If the blower is coming on by itself there is an chance the BCM is faulty. The blower module is where power originates for much of the system. It can do some strange things...turn on blowers when the car is parked, not allow compressor clutch to work..other odd behavior.

I tighten the card contacts in my control head by placing stick on labels cut to fit along the backside of the contacts. This makes the card thicker so it fits tighter in the socket.

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