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Automatic Dimming Mirror


Mar 14, 2004
Pleasant Grove, AL
2003 50th Anniversary Convertible
I have a 2003 50th AE Convertible. I bought the car used and the previous owner added a C5R wing on the rear. It looks good, but the only problem I have with it is that it blocks the light at night from getting to the rear view mirror, so it does not dim if the cars are close. It is very annoying.

Is there any way to fool or bypass the mirror sensor so that the mirror is dimmed at night, or can I change the mirror to a manual dim mirror? If so, would the manual dim mirror also have the reading lights and the accent(yellow) light on the bottom?

I'll take any suggestions as to a solution, short of removing the wing.(too expensive for body work and paint)

Thanks for the help in advance.


I have a 2000 with the manual mirror. It has the reading lights & the console illuminator light. I am not familiar with the mounting on the auto dimming mirror so I am not sure if you can get an old one and just swap them out. Maybe someone else would know.

Sounds like a sharp car, post some pictures, I would love to see it.


Well-known member
Oct 1, 2005
Gallatin, TN
2000 Nassau Blue Vert
I have a 2000 also with a manual mirror. Has the reading and accent lights. I would think all you need for that is 12v to run the lights.

Wanna trade? :)


I installed a 2001 auto dim mirror in my 1998... I had to change out my 98's connector to a 2001 style. Had to crimp on new terminals too, thank goodness we sell them to the GM dealers and I did it easily.

If it were to be in dim mode all the time I think it would be too dark to really use for you. Or you would only see bright things such as headlamps a little.

You need to fool the sensor some how and make it see light all the time but without opening up the mirror, I am not sure how you would accomplish this. Yours also dims the drivers door mirror, not sure if that would complicate things or not if you mod something.

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