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Automatic shifter button removal



Has anyone removed their shift knob on their automatic transmission? I've got a damaged shifter button and the replacement parts are in route. I've never had to remove an auto shifter knob before and its blowing my mind! I know there is a snap ring in there someplace, but I can't find anyway of getting to it. If someone happens to have a '96 that they've taken the button/knob off of before or a service manual for a '96, I would appreciate a little help. I don't want to go spend $20 on a Haynes or Chiltons manual to replace a $3 assembly.

Mike, I'm sure the knob for the '96 is the same as earlier model, so you should just have to gently pop the button loose (at the forward edge I believe?) where it clips in place, and then pop it free from the two hinge clips at the rear of the button. A small screwdriver and a gentle hand is all that's required. ;)

_ken :w
been there, done that

It appears that the previous owner attempted that. Perhaps to install an aftermarket knob. The top portion of the button is loose, just sits there. The lower portion is firmly attached in some unknown manner. The point where the upper and lower halfs of the botton were joined is very clear...and broken. The illustrated parts breakdowns (IPBs for most gearheads) that I have found shows a snap ring in the button and pushrod assembly. I can't tell if the button is held in place by the snap ring or if it is the rod, or the entire assembly. No good IPBs for that. (Corvette Central, Eckler's, Mid-America catalogs etc...)
I'll take another look at it though, just to be sure. I'm known to over look the obvious...I'm difficult that way
On my manual Mike, it attaches to the overdrive "pushrod assembly" as you call it. It just pops onto the rod in my case - no snap ring. Sorry.

_ken :w
Sometimes you just have to hear it....


Thanks Ken...just a slight bit of prying and the remainder of the button popped off. Its held on to an extension shaft with two parrallel strips of spring steal with dimples in them. The dimples snap into place on the extension shaft. The snap ring holds the entire shift knob on. Now then...the extension shaft is the actual portion of the shifter that moves up and down on a spring to engage and disengage the lock. Any great ideas on how to remove this? Its got a bit of surface corrosion on it and while I've got everything removed, I might as well clean it up...if I can get it out of the tranny lever.

Automatic transmissions and related components are out of my league Mike; I don't believe in 'em. :L

_ken :w
Ken said:
Automatic transmissions and related components are out of my league Mike; I don't believe in 'em. :L

_ken :w

Yeah yeah, I know. My next one will be a manual. I prefer them too, but when you buy you're first Corvette, you sacrifice a couple things you really want, especially when buying used. Now I know exactly what I want...and there were only a few of them made....

1993 ZR-1...Red interior, Bose Gold system, FX3 Suspension...any color but white...and must be a manual! Out of 440 built in '93, there has to be at least one that fits my desires. :upthumbs

Thanks for the help:w

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