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automatic transmission service

May 10, 2002
Boise, Idaho
2002 electron blue Z06
I have a '97 with an automatic transmission. It is a daily driver, driven mostly at prevailing traffic speed. I do drag race in it at a local drag strip (maybe 40 total runs). What does everybody think about transmission service? It seems sensible to replace the fluid and filter periodically. What does it cost? Is it for do-it-yourselfers?


30,000 miles is usually the norm for a AT service. Be aware that depending on where you get serviced, they may offer a Trans service(filter change and change the fluid in the pan) or a Trans flush(a fluid exchange done through the trans cooler line)

My personal theory is that you can never change your fluid too often, especially on a 4L60-E (what you have) I am kind of anal on my personal cars about this. I do a flush and a filter change anually on my stuff and my brothers '97 Vette.

You can do a filter service yourself, the key would be getting the vehicle level while raised enough to get under safely. Having the vehicle level is critical to getting the fluid level correct. (im sure the fluid checking procedure is in the knowlegebase, if not, maybe ill write one up) To change the filter, simply undo the bolts holding the pan on, replace the filter and gasket(make sure the o-ring stays in place for the filter) and refill the pan through the plug in the side.

Be carefull if you take your vette in for a fluid exchange. The equipment I have used to do this usually ends up overfilling the C5 trans by quite a bit, alot of this has to do with where you tap into the line at.

If you are dragracing, I would recommend you service your trans pretty frequently...


trans-go w/ shift kit or not?

Anyone have done or know of someone who had A shift-kit put into their auto c5 w/ the standard rear: 2.73? Also, my 97 has 40k w/ all highway mi, will a tourqe converter w/ the shift-kit be a good combo, or can the computer be remapped for firmer ****s as well as higher shift points? Any comments would be appreciated. thanx! les

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