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Axle ratio in 1980



Were there any optional ratios available this year? Someone abandoned this auto, less engine (L82), trans, front running gear, and most of the interior. There was a body shop nearby and i suspect that this was once a project gone south. It still has the complete rear differential w/brakes, front glass, windshields, and misc interior pieces. Since I'm new at this "Vette stuff", Will these parts be acceptable spares for the 75 coupe my wife and I just started?
Welcome to the CAC! Assuming the rear diff is original, the only one available in 80 was a 3.07 but who knows what's in there now. Some of the interior will swap but the dash layout - guages, AC, etc... - had changed by 80 so you will be limited to what you can salvage. The seats were much nicer in 80 and will swap. The windows in 80 were thinner glass for weight reduction but they may swap anyhow, can't be sure but maybe someone else knows for sure, I'm guessing not since the trim would probably be different. Brakes will swap without a hitch - at least one thing is salvagable for sure :).

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