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Back again about the 1968 garage find


Apr 18, 2020
Valley Forge, Pa
I paid $1500 for a 1968 T-top garage find that has been garaged since 1987. I was just offered $3000 for it. It is a 4 spd not original 327 with minimal options.
It needs COMPLETE restoration but it appears to be complete.
My question is, I'm sure if I part it out, I can make a lot more than $3000 but should I sell it as a "barn find" or part it out? What would be the minimum I should sell it for as a complete car.
It does not run and i have no idea what it needs. I don't even know what the frame is like. Is $3000 a fair offer?
Thanks again,
Depends on how long you could afford to sit on it,if your desperate for cash take the 3k.If not list it "As is.Best offer" & see.
Keep it together and sell it. It looks too complete to part out. Someone will want to build it and, after all, it is a chrome bumper car. It's a prime candidate for a restomod. If you part it out there are some parts that will sell fast while most of the car will languish for years and you will still end up selling whats left for very little just to get rid of it. Plus you will go through a lot of pain to disassemble the parts you sell while trying not to damage other parts. At least advertise it and see what response you get. You might be surprised.

Customize it !
You could make more money parting it out, but you need to supply the labor to bust all the nuts and then market the parts. The good stuff sells quick for the right price, the so so stuff takes a while and some stuff you will end up hauling off to the dump after a couple of years.

If you have a good title, I always hate to see a good C3 Corvette parted out. Somebody will want to bring it back to life and $3 or 4K would be a good entry ticket for this. So while this is not necessary the most money for you, on the other hand you do not have to invest quite a bit of time and labor. My 2 cents.

A potential buyer will want to know what condition the frame is in as this is a big swing piece of info for most. I would invest some time and get some expert opinions on the frame condition.

Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you decide.

To answer your question as to what is the most as is complete, check Craigslist and completed ebay sales for comparable projects. IMHO, if the frame is good, you might could get 6
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