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bad bushings?



I have a problem with the rear of the car feeling real louse. It feels like there is a lot of play in the back, and it justs drifts around. I have replaced the sway bar bushings, but it only helped a little, and I also had the wheels aligned. I think that maybe the control arm bushings may need to be replaced, but the shop that did the alignment told me that they were fine, although if I lift the back of the car up and grab hold of the tire I can feel some play. Would this cause my problem, or is there something else that may be causing it?

Let me ask you a question first, does the car sway one direction when you give it gas and sway the other way when you let off the gas? That's what mine did when the trailing arm bushings were bad. It is possible that your wheel bearings are bad...BUT if they were causing the car to sway I would suspect you would hear them grinding away at that point. Drive at slow speeds with the window open to listen for a squeeking noise, that's how I heard my wheel bearings on another car. If you are the do it yourself type look here for a few tips, http://www.sharkwerkes.com/sharktank/tech2/rear1.html
Grab the tire at top and bottom and rock it in/out, have a "suitable helper" (wife maybe) watch the yokes where they enter the diff. I'll bet you'll find your yokes go in and out of the diff a bit. If so your in for new or rebuilt units. I've heard lots of debate on the GM spec for yoke play and can't give you a number but I would say that if they move in/out 1/8" or more they're shot. A shade tree mech can replace them in a day, it's not too big of a deal. As far as the bearings go I agree with Scott81.
good luck
I had a similar problem with my 81. I replaced the shocks, not much help. I replaced the front sway bar links, that helped some, then I replaced the Rear spring bolts and bushings, that seemed to help alot. They seemed like e they were wallowed out or something. Good luck.
I only have poly bushings in my adjustable strut rods, and the strut rod vendor recommends reinforcing the GM welds on the differential mounting bracket - due to the high shear stress transmitted through the poly bushings. I reinforced the welds before installing. I love the adjustable strut rods.

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