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Bad Shock

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When I get back on it again I'll set up the dial indicator and checkit out. I did check the fronts back when I did them.

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Well I got time to work on this again. I couldn't detect any appreciable runout on the rotors. I set up the pressure bleeder and jacked up the rear again. Then I took off the front wheels keeping the front of the car low and bled the fronts while tapping on the ecalipers to dislodge any air bubbles. I got a small amount of bubbles from both sides. I'm not too suprised as I was being rushed back when I did the fronts and only pedal bled them.

I then went to the rears and found a little air in the right rear. The left rear had no air. Maybe that's why the left rear was locking up first. It was the only one that was bled thoroughly. I checked the tire air pressure and set them according to the door label (sorry Toobroke). I also polished the wheels before putting them back on. That always makes it run better.

Tried the brake pedal and it felt like it used to. Went for a drive and no more pulling. Stopped straight and true and the pedal is steady and doesn't come up higher after pumping, just the same every time. Looks like I got it. I sure would have loved to have had a pressure bleeder years ago.


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