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Battery dead over winter, will not start.


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Apr 5, 2022
2015 Stigray
Went to take the C7 out of hibernation and the car was dead. Checked the battery tender and it was on. Checked the voltage of the battery, only 5 volts. Placed a charger on it for 30 minute, still only 5 volts.

Bought a new battery, a real total pain if I may say, hooked up everything, I checked the voltage, 12volts was read. Key FOB door open, now opens gas tank, parking lights flash, no power to start. I reprogramed fob, headlights, tail lights and brake lights work. that's about it. No power to windows, trunk and doors won't open.
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A new battery that's bad is not unheard of. If it's fully charged it should read 13+ volts. Despite it being a pita, pull it and have it tested. Or get a jump start and go to an auto store to have it tested.
Thanks, I did throw the charger on it to see if that's the problem. I would think the dash lights would go on.
Found the fix. After a day and a half of trying several suggested fixes, one finally worked. I disconnected both the positive and negative cables, and then touched them both together. Not sure what to expect, I connected everything back up, and BAM!!!! the doors opened, the lights came on, and Red started right up.

Talked to a our Corvette guru in our club and he had asked an engineer with GM what it was I did, and reported that it's called the Global Reset. Just reporting what I did and that it worked.

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