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Battery Drained



After a trip, I was supprised to find my battery was dead, only 10 days. I jumped started the car and took it to the dealer. The car is only 9 months old. They worked on it for 7 days and said it was fixed. One week later and after only 2 days of no activity, the same problem, dead battery. I understand this can be a problem after 30 or so days, but of course should not be the case after such a short time. Any help would be appreciated.

Had a problem like this on my 90 that I had. I had to remove the ground from the battery and then run the ground through an amp meter to the battery to measure the current draw with everything off. Turned out to be the brake circuit. I am assuming the dealer knows enough to conduct a similar test on your car. Also, are you by any chance leaving the key in the car? This puts the computer in "wake-up" mode (at least on my 90) and this using more current.
Thanks for your replies and support. I have taking the car to the dealer and so we will see what they find. I know they are using something to check the drain, because they left it on over night the last time they worked on the car to see if it drained the battery. We will see what the situation is this time.

No I do not leave my key in the car.

Also, since I travel a bit and can be gone for 3 or 4 weeks, does it make sense to put a trickle charger on the battery for such extended trips. After this problem is solved of course.

Sounds to me like you might have a bad cell. Since the Delco has a chance of leaking onto stuff that it really shouldn't, consider replacing battery with a gel battery. It's cheap insurance.

My battery is good for upto 1 month with no trickle right now.
I had a problem with mine too. the Dealer ask me how often I drove the car and I told him every weekend. He told me that was not enough . I am going to get a new one soon , now I can't even play the radio while I wash it.
When I took the car to the dealer, I mentioned that it could be the battery, since it was draining so fast. I once had a bad cell and the results were much the same. Anyway, when they went to start the car after it sat for 15 minutes, the battery was dead. They replaced the battery and ran the tests and said all is well. If not I will find out in a couple of days and let you know.

Thanks, Sparky

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