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To the engineers and powers that be at Chevrolet, the 2015 Corvette Z06 is the end-all, be-all Corvette. But, let’s just say their standards are a bit different than ours. They are concerned with fuel economy, emissions, performance benchmarks, sales, and things that will make a profitable product in their lineup. But as enthusiasts with no such concerns, we just want the most badass ride we can dream up. For many, that includes big-block-type cubes and a healthy chop at idle. Combine that with the cutting-edge Gen V V-8 engine and the C7’s exotic lines, and you can certainly get our blood pumping.

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From the outset, this simple, standard-looking 1971 Corvette looks virtually period correct. Hell, ask Joe Marudas of Milaca, Minnesota, to pop the hood and you still might not think anything is amiss. You look at the big-block stuffed between the fenders, look at Joe, look back at the car, and think everything is right as rain. As a matter of fact, it’s almost too perfect of a crime.

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For hillbillies who don't spell too good, Super Stock and "Super Stalk" might as well be one in the same. For the literate segment of society, however, both are distinctly different, yet equally heroic endeavors. In NHRA Super Stock, the Big Three dumped ludicrous stacks of money to build factory ringers for bragging rights and bragging rights alone. This results in cool stuff like 9,000-rpm hydraulic roller small-blocks that run 9-second e.t.'s. By contrast, "super stalk" describes one man's quest to chase down the exact same car for 30 years before finally convincing the owner to put it up for sale. It takes a very unique car to inspire such an extreme obsession, and the story behind Brook Niemi's '70 Dodge Challenger proves that the truth is indeed much more interesting than fiction.


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