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Best Auto-X tires for a C3?


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Jul 3, 2006
Portland OR
1980 pearl white vette
Hello, I am planning on taking my 1980 C3 for some sportsman level Auto-cross soon and understand the neccessity and importance of tires over increased HP as a helpful tool into successful auto-crossing. For some of you experienced auto-X'ers, what brand/size of tire has seemingly better results for the C-3's size & weight?

Any advice is appreciated.



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Nov 20, 2002
The selection fo decent tires for the 15" C3 wheel is shrinking to non-existent. I'm not aware of any dedicated autox tires that would fit offhand. Understand that there is little or not market as most C3ers prefer the feaux performance tires. At the least try for V rated 225/70R15s from:
Goodyear Eagle RS-A
Firestone PV41
General XP-2000 V4
Michelin Pilot XGT H4

Pirelli offered the Zero in 255/60 and Dunlop had a W rated 225/15 tire (XP5000?).

Every time I look the selection seems to dwindle so I wouldn't be surprised if the above are no longer available. In fact the 225/70s are only available because they are marketed to Police Depts that still have 15" wheels on their cruisers.

None of these are autoX tires but they are an order of magnitude better than the usual crap tires you find on most C3s. GOod luck

kiwi vet

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Jul 14, 2005
New Zealand
1981 Black/Camel T Top "RAC3R"
Some other options

Hey 80vette

Firstly Id look at what other C3's are running and emulate, well the ones that are winning anyway ;LOL ;LOL ;LOL

Another option which I have done myself.
This assumes my assumtion that what you call AutoX we now as Gymkhana or basically racing around a very tight twisty sealed course, usually marked out with traffic cones is correct. If not just ignore my rambling!.

1/ Using qualifying or soft compound slicks and cutting your own minimal tread.
2/ Also over riming the tyre, either samerim/tread ratio or greater rim/tread ratio.
3/ Finally running quite high pressure to make them reach the correct temp very quickly.

Just some thoughts.

:beer Grant

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